B&B UNIKOOP also provides technical services for the needs of your production.

– INFORMATIONS (for all kinds of techical inovations about bearings)

– TRAININGS FOR EMPLOYEES (about the kinds of bearings, assembling/disassembling bearings, methods for predictive maintenance, oils and seals from the SKF program.

– TECHNICAL SUPPORT about solving tehnical issues, advices, and suggestions for reconstruction and modernization of your production.


– assembling/disassembling of bearings, periodic review of the operation of bearings at critical points in the process of production, planning and management of SHTOK bearings, selection of a huge range of oils as well, and determining the time of lubrication.

– According to our professional potential in cooperation with SKF, B&B UNIKOOP offers professional servicing team by the SKF Service, that can perform specific services in your overall production.

With our professional team, we provide a service: balance of revolving elements of the power condition according to ISO standards.